Vision: We educate our young Jews to be active, knowledgeable, self-confident and responsible members of the Düsseldorf Jewish community.
 Mission for the community and school
1.  Connecting and interacting with other Jews in a Jewish context, in a welcoming and open manner, daily 
2.  Supporting and helping our community members and their extended family members at least once a week
3.  Volunteering and organizing in a Jewish context for our Jewish community regularly
4.  Participating and being actively involved in Jewish religious activities in Dusseldorf and beyond, at least once a week


Category What does it looks like in the portrait of the graduate?
Jewish Community social action The student of the AEG:


  • is ambitious, active and reliable
  • cares about classmates, teachers and staff
  • is sensitive to the diversity of our Jewish Highschool and community by respecting different people’s paths, routes and opinions
  • feels united/belongs to a community/part of a greater community
  • is an active member of the Jewish youth club
  • participates in Jewish Community Events

A graduate of the AEG is developing a sense of belonging both to the Jewish Community in Düsseldorf as to a greater Jewish community around the world.  The graduate has an awareness of the greater community and is a member of that greater community by respecting the needs of others both within our community and in the greater community.

The graduate regularly participates in communal events where she/he acts sensitively concerning the diversity of others.

Jewish History and identity The student of the AEG:


  • takes values of Judaism and integrates them into her/his own life choices
  • develops a strong [pro] Jewish identity by building her/his own strong connection to Judaism
  • feels part or has an understanding of the greater world Jewish society
  • sees the basic lines of Jewish history as founded in the Tora and Jewish traditions
  • uses Hebrew to connect to Israel, other Jews and religious practices through reading, writing and speaking
A graduate of the AEG is developing a strong [pro] Jewish identity by taking the values of Judaism and integrating those values into her/his own life choices.
Israel The student of the AEG:


  • feels connected to Israel through modern Hebrew language and Israeli culture through reading, writing and speaking

A graduate of the AEG feels connected to Israel in its´ past, present and future form.


Jewish Ritual The student of the AEG:


  • is familiar with the structure of Jewish life and Jewish life cycle events
  • expresses verbally and actively positive feelings towards Jewish traditions, religion and Israel
  • has a knowledge of holidays and Shabbat by understanding and performing basic Mizwot and Minhagim
  • has a knowledge of fundamental basics of Hebrew Prayer / Blessings:
    • Kabbalat Shabbat-Prayer
    • Kiddush for Shabbat and Holidays
    • Maariv, Shacharit and Mincha Prayer for weekdays
    • Birkat Hamason
    • navigates through the their siddur Schma Kolenu independently
  • knows central stories and characters of the Torah and other books of the Tanach

A graduate of the AEG is developing the skills, knowledge and desire/interest to participate/act in Jewish traditions.